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Explainer – About us

The story behind Virtual Events Space

About us

Developed by UK based Big Media, our Virtual Events Space was conceived originally in response to restrictions imposed on the events industry by the 2020 Covid pandemic.

The first iteration of the platform was under the Virtual Expo label, where we delivered a number of trade business exhibitions and piloted a Christmas market in December of 2020

As you might expect, some things worked better than others, but overall we received really positive feedback. We refined the proposition throughout 2021 with bigger and better tradeshows, as well as more niche client symposiums – working with businesses offering stands and presentations to a closed group client audience.

Since then we have seen a growth in uptake from businesses keen to adopt more sustainable working practices in client engagement, which has given rise to the version of the platform you see here. Virtual Events Space has been designed to provide broader flexibility for types of event, more engaging spaces and greater detail in terms of reporting visitor activity.

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