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Explainer – Booths

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Business Zone Booths

The features of our Business zone booths are similar to those of a full exhibition stand, but in a simpler, more compact layout.

Member Introductions

Particularly with larger networking events in mind, the booths can save a good deal of time by replacing, or enhancing, the individual member “round the table” introductions. With all the relevant information presented in the booths, other attendees can learn what they need to and get in touch directly to arrange individual follow-up one-to-one sessions.

Visitor Bookmark Option

The use of the bookmark option can help particularly in this scenario, as each attendee can create their own shortlist of all members with whom they might want to have further discussion.

** NOTE The Bookmark button only shows to logged in users **

A Searchable Directory

The business zone and the booths can also form a searchable directory which can be available to promote business outside the times of the networking events if desired.

Reporting on Visitor Interaction

Any visitor interaction with hotspot areas, such as watching a video or downloading a brochure, is captured and reported to the event owners in the same way it is with the stands.

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