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Explainer – Individual Presentation

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Individual Presentations

Here we have an example of an individual presentation theatre / auditorium

The screen on-stage is where we link to the presentation, which can be a pre-recorded video or a live presentation.

Reporting on Visitor Interaction

Our interaction reporting collects information when the attendee clicks on the “Enter Now” button, and as mentioned this information will be available to the Event Organiser which they can see or download via the Event Owner dashboard.

Visitor Bookmark Option

As with the stands, visitors can bookmark presentations they are particularly interested in, adding them to their “My Bookmarks” shortlist to come back to later.

** NOTE The Bookmark button only shows to logged in users **

Enabling Presentation Q&A

As a useful add-on to recorded video presentations, it is possible to enable an option for attendees to ask questions. The normal method is to use a simple form where attendees can submit questions individually. An alternative is to use a chat channel where questions from other attendees can be viewed, but this would require staffing for questions to be answered in real time to be of benefit.

A third idea is to schedule Q&A sessions at points throughout the event, and use tools such as zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc for the interactive Q&A.

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