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Explainer – Online Academy

Welcome to the VES Online Academy

Where Online Learning comes to Life

The Online Academy is about delivering an engaging and sustainable learning experience
and at the same time reducing both costs and carbon footprint

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The platform flexibility allows for content to be managed effectively depending on requirements. For example, key central core content can be syndicated out to a number of different Learning Management System (LMS) portals from a single source.

This could suit an organisation with multiple locations, or for delivering product training across multiple channel partners. Having a single point of control makes it far easier when updating content, as it only needs to be changed in one place to update ALL receiving LMS portals.

Third party content such as Annual First Aid Updates, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Fire Marshall training etc can also be provided.

Each LMS portal can have independent content added directly as well. Then courses and lessons can be set up using a mix of both local and syndicated content, and the LMS in each client portal takes care of tracking learner progress and issuing certificates.

Please see the example infographic below for more information
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