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Explainer – Presentation Theatres

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Presentation Theatres

Often the main draw for many events are the speakers and presentations.

Our presentation theatres are designed to show video presentations, which can be hosted on services such as Vimeo, YouTube etc.

If desired, presentation theatres can also host live presentations using the likes of zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet. The idea is that we try to accommodate whichever presentation software the presenters themselves are comfortable with using

Scheduling Presentations

Whether pre-recorded or live, each presentation theatre can be made available either for the whole duration of the event, or many prefer to schedule them to go live at an appointed time, adding to the live presentation feel.

Visitor Interaction Reporting

Visitors can read the synopsis displayed on the stage, and if they wish to participate they simply click through for the joining instructions. This interaction is recorded by our platform, and the reports on details of attendees can be shared with the Event Owners and the individual presenters.

* PLEASE NOTE: We do not report if a visitor simply views a presentation synopsis, only if they click through to access the joining instructions.

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