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Explainer – Stand build process

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Stand Build Process

The stands in the Virtual Events Space are basically constructed in 2 layers – the background graphic layer and the foreground interaction layer

The background layer covers the design elements such as wall colours and graphics including logos.

The foreground interaction layer provides access to the information for stand visitors, such as videos, brochures, enquiry forms, exhibitor information and contact details.

What Exhibitors should provide

We have a step by step form that guides each exhibitor through what we require to build (background graphic layer) and populate (foreground interaction layer) the stand.

Our team can build the graphic layer of the stands for a small fee, or exhibitors can edit our templates themselves using graphics packages from the likes of Adobe or Corel.

Designers can download the stand template of their choice, but should note that they should NOT alter the core design and should take notice of the template layer that shows where the foreground interaction layer elements will be placed. This way designers can ensure there won’t be a TV screen covering a key design feature on the stand walls.

The foreground interaction layer is preconfigured to fit each individual stand design and cater automatically for different screen sizes. This is not designed to be changed as part of the build.

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