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Explainer – Stands

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Exhibition Stands

At the heart of our Event Halls are the exhibitor stands.

Stands are interacted with via the interactive touchpoint hotspots. Visitors can view videos, download brochures, leave an enquiry, learn more and get in touch.

Event Hall and Stand Designs

Event Halls can carry additional event / sponsor branding, and may also be themed for the season in which the event takes place – this view is summer, with the trees outside in full leaf!

There are currently 8 different stand designs exhibitors can choose from. We will outline the stand build process on the next page.

Visitor Interaction

Visitors interact with the stand by clicking on the interactive touchpoint hotspots, which open popup or pop-out windows depending on the specific interaction.

Visitor Bookmark Option

As mentioned at the start of the tour, the bookmark option allows visitors to add their favourite stands to create a shortlist, viewable via the “My Bookmarks” link.

If you are logged in for the interactive tour you will see the Bookmark button as shown above at the top right of your screen

Reporting on Visitor Interaction

A key feature of the stands is that any visitor interaction*, such as watching a video or downloading a brochure, is captured and reported to the event owners.

This information in turn can be reported back to each individual exhibitor. Furthermore, any enquiry left in the “e-card” drop box can also be emailed directly to the exhibitor in real time.

We also offer the option to include live chat on the stand. By default, we work with, but it is possible to incorporate other live chat widgets if this is preferred either by the event owner, or the exhibitor.

* PLEASE NOTE: We do not report if a visitor simply views a stand, as this saves visitors and exhibitors becoming frustrated with follow-up contact that is not based on any demonstrated visitor interest.

Quick Links