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Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support

Our event space Live Chat facility is provided by

Live Chat allows you to “staff” a stand and receive live chat enquiries via instant text messaging.

There are 2 key things to be aware of:

  1. To staff a stand and be available for live enquiries means being logged in to, this is not achieved via the stand itself
  2. Access to the Live Chat dashboard requires separate login credentials from those used to access the event space

Once you are logged in to the dashboard, any areas of the event space you are connected to will display the speech bubble with the “We Are Here!” attention grabber.

A visitor simply has to click on the icon and enter their name to start a live chat with you.
In the event there are no active agents online, the attention grabber “We Are Here” disappears and visitors can leave a message instead.

These messages will be held as Offline Messages which you can access via the Messaging Inbox of the associated page property.

Ready to log in?

Log in to Live Chat

Looking for more help?

For a quick tour of the live chat dashboard (PDF):

quick dashboard tour

Access the library of help documentation at (opens in new window): help site

You can get live chat support direct from here, just click the speech bubble bottom right of the screen, it will look like this: