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If after what you have seen you are interested in using the Virtual Events Space platform for an event, or have any questions, we invite you to Get in Touch

We are aware that most event owners and organisers make their living from arranging events in the real world using physical locations. However, as a result of the lockdowns and restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, most individuals and businesses have experienced the benefits of doing a wider variety of things online.

We share the view that the future will contain a hybrid mix – real world events to cater for meeting face to face, combined with virtual events to maximise business opportunities with significantly lower costs and greater sustainability implications by comparison

We would love to be considered as your partner in delivering the virtual event side of your business

A bit about pricing

Our prices are governed by various elements, tailored around what you want to do.

To give an idea on budgets, we have put together events from around £2,500 to over £10,000 – and covering everything from closed group Client Conventions with a couple of stands through to a large Trade Show with over 150, with a Christmas Market Fayre in between!

Virtual Events are run as a managed service, principally because no two events are the same. We find that our team’s familiarity with the platform helps shortcut many of the issues in building and populating stands and booths, plus scheduling presentations.

Where Event Owners can profit

We recognise our Virtual Events Space is only part of the story in creating an engaging, online event that works for event owners, exhibitors and visitors alike.

Our involvement centres around the online venue and stands. But for an event to truly deliver value, Event owners need to promote it and deliver business advantage to exhibitors, presenters and visitors alike. This is where the value of the event lies, supported by the engaging environment and interactivity of the Virtual Events Space

Selling on

Much of the opportunities are very similar to those of a live, physical event, in that you will be selling stand space and locations, promotional opportunities, potentially presentation slots etc.

Options include:

  • Selling stands and booths at a price that reflects the correct price point for your market
  • Selling advantageous positions in the Event Hall(s) and the associated Guide
  • Promoting the advantages of lead generation through the visitor interaction reports
  • Encouraging exhibitors to have a larger presence in the virtual events space than they might afford in the real world

Controlling costs

Generally each event uses a mix of the features we cover in the tour, but not all of them. Event Owners can realise more profit by deciding on an appropriate mix, and by minimising any custom work in setting up their virtual events space.

Options include:

  • Leveraging the set-up costs by hosting repeat events, reducing the impact of the initial outlay by reusing your virtual events space
  • Maximising the advantage to exhibitors and attendees of no travel, no accommodation and no requirement to staff the stand full time
  • Exploring grant opportunities for employing green initiatives in marketing. Our hosting platform uses 100% renewable energy
  • Encouraging your exhibitors to spend with you, meeting business sustainability goals whilst saving compared with physical events

If you would like to know more, please Get in Touch